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Reduced “Chair time”

We deliver the highest quality and most accurate restorations that go in quicker and easier, which means fewer adjustments and less chair time. All of our work comes with a 100% guarantee. We do not charge for remakes because we have very few. 

“For over 28 years, I have enjoyed excellent service with Technicare Dental Laboratory. Their integrity flows through every aspect of the business. Artistry, accuracy, and accountability are critical in a lab. Technicare has been a great resource and a huge support for my practice.”
-Dr. Jimmy Hill

Better Pricing

Not only do we offer the highest quality restorations, but we do it at a reasonable price. Our technology and 95 years of combined experience has allowed us to provide superior restorations and competitive prices. DOWNLOAD OUR PRICE SHEET by filling out the form. 

“The personalized service that I receive from Technicare Laboratory is unlike any other. From single units to complex interdisciplinary cases, Technicare applies the same level of excellence to all of my restorations. I have worked with them for over 20 years and have always felt that they are my personal lab. Quality control, cutting edge technology, customer service and on time delivery are trademarks of Technicare Dental Lab. I would recommend them unconditionally.”
-Kathleen Nichols, DDS

Quick Turnaround

  • 4 days in the lab* – Full Cast
  • 6 days in the lab* – Traditional Porcelain to Metal
  • 6 days in the lab* – All Porcelain, Cadcam Restorations
  • 10 Days in the lab* – implant cases and multidisciplinary restorations

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